Union Officers & Staff

UPM’s governing body consists of nine members and is called the Executive Council.  
Six members are full time faculty members, elected by the full time members.  Likewise, two members are part time members and are elected by part time members.  One faculty member runs “at large” and is elected by the entire membership.   
Our office support is provided by two part time secretaries.   There are also a number of working committees made up of our officers and members at large.  Some of these jobs are done voluntarily and some of them are paid.

UPM President

Patrick Kelly


 There are a number of officers, including President, Chief Negotiator, Treasurer, and Grievance officer, which are appointed by the Executive Council.

Chief Negotiator

Marco Gonzalez

Behavioral sciences

 The Chief Negotiator is one of the UPM officers appointed by the Executive Council.

Current Salary Schedule

Grievance Officer

Gregg Grist

Physical Sciences

Please refer to the Grievance FAQ page for common questions regarding grievance incidents and issues.
Use the online Grievance Contact Form to immediately report a potential grievance incident/issue.
You may also contact the UPM Secretary directly via email: Secretary@UPM.website
Please do NOT use any College of Marin phone or email communication for any UPM matter.


Scott Serafin

Physical Sciences

All UPM Officers and Committee members must complete a UPM Hourly Payroll Registration Form and return it to the UPM office complete and signed, in person, by mail or email. To submit UPM Payroll Registration Form, please download and complete the UPM Hourly Payroll Registration PDF Form.

To submit UPM Stipend Hours, please download and complete the 2019 UPM Stipend Form. To submit for UPM Reimbursement for mileage or purchases, please download and complete the UPM Reimbursement Form.

Completed forms may be submitted via UPM email or printed and submitted to the UPM office via inner office mail.

To use the interactive PDF forms, the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. This is free software and is available at: Adobe Acrobat Reader  (https://get.adobe.com/reader/)


Sarah Frye


David Paterson


Budget Monitor

Ross Goodwin

Business Information Systems


James Gonzalez

Multimedia Studies

Part-time Representative

Rwoena Southard

English and Humanities

Executive Secretary

Joan Rinaldi

Together we are:


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