eBook:  Web Design - Build more Beautiful Websites

    This 100+ page eBook covers  the theory and skills to make your next website look its best.

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eBook Outline

  a.Web servers
  d.Intro to CMS
  e.Building Blocks of a web page
  f.Components of modern web sites
  h.Design Principles
  i.Planning, Building, Maintaining and Promoting websites

2. The Technology that makes the Web work
   a.The World Wide Web
   b. Web Servers
   c. Building Blocks of a Web Page
   d. HTML-based web sites
   e. Content Management Systems (CMS)

3. Components of modern websites
  a. Webpage Anatomy: sections of a standard page
  b. Common Elements of modern Websites

4. Planning Websites
  a. Elicit client input
  b. Articulate the site goals
  c. Define your audience.
  d. Decide what will go into the site
  e. Copyright issues
  f. Wireframing
  g. Flowcharts
  h. File organization tips

5. Web Design Principles
  a. Focus
    2.Design above the Fold
    3.Visual Hierarchy
    4.Principle of Proximity
    5.Principle of Similarity

 b. Contrast
    1. White space
    2. White space & Text Formatting
    3.Background Colors

 c. Repetition
    1. Alignments
    2. Grid-based Layouts
    3. Page Titles, IDs, and Dates

 d. Proportion
    1. Golden Ratio
    2. Rule of Thirds
    3. Law of Symmetry
    4. Balance
    5. Page Sizes and Lengths

 e. Simplicity
    1. Chunking and Sequencing
    2. Avoid Graphic Distractions
    3. Give Users Direct Access to Content
    4. Limit your use of Text

 f. Design Rules for Text: Typography
    1.Point Size
    2. Leading (Line Height)
    3. Line Length
    4. Typefaces and Fonts

6. Building Websites
  a. How Content Management Systems Work
  b. Install Joomla on your Local Computer using a Bitnami Joomla Stack
  c. Changing layouts on the Home Page
  d. Creating an Article and adding it to your first page
  e. Creating Articles and adding them to the main Menus
  f. Creating and laying out a second menu
  g. Adding Modules to your pages
  h. Changing templates
  i. Installing plugins- Akeeba Backup
  j. Backup your site
  k. Move your site to your Host's Web Server

7. Maintaining Websites
  a. Security
  b. Backup
  c. Analytics
  d. Site Performance
  e. Email List Management
  f. On-going Maintenance

8. Promoting Websites
  a. Paid Advertising
  b. Search Engine Optimization
  c. Social Media Marketing


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