eBook: Learn JOOMLA 3

    A hands-on guide for building a basic website

 James Gonzalez

A 182 page eBook introducing the Joomla Content Management system a free, web-based software, used by millions to create and manage websites., This book guides you step-by-step through the construction of a small working website, teaching you all the essential Joomla skills in the process.

Table of Contents

LESSON 1 –  Course Overview

LESSON 2  –  Installing Joomla

LESSON 3  –  Organizing Content

LESSON 4  –  Adding Content

LESSON 5  –  Working with Menus

LESSON 6  –  Working with Modules

LESSON 7  –  Changing Site Appearance with Templates

LESSON 8  –  Extending Joomla Functionality

LESSON 9  –  Backing Up and Restoring Your Site

LESSON 10 – Securing and Maintaining Your Site 


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What students are saying

"Jim these are excellent videos on Joomla 3. Thank you."

Jim Lupeti, IT Professional