Why this site?

I am an educator, writer, and instructional designer focused on the use of technology, specifically interactive media, to inform and improve the lives of others. I have been doing this for over 20 years and am the author of numerous courses, articles, and books, including more than 40 video-based courses in various digital media fields.

In fact, I have so much content spread all over the Internet that I finally decided I needed a place to organize it all and make it more accessble.  Everything on this site is free, although I do required users to Register to access the best content, and I will post some links to some paid content and have advertisements in the form of affiliate partners who I have worked with for years and can whole-heartidly endorse.

Why is everything free? What's the catch?  
No catch, no tricks. If you find this site useful, thank the tax payers of California in particular home owners in Marin County, where as a public educator, I am salaried to teach a dozen 18-week courses per year.  This site is really just an extension of this work. My desire here is share my expertise with anyone interested.