Course Outline

TOPIC# 1 - Set up Web Hosting
Get a free 1-year hosting plan to post your Web pages online.

TOPIC #2 - Intro to HTML
Complete a short HTML tutorial from the folks at Mozilla

TOPIC #3 - Intro to CSS
Learn how to style and format your content using Cascading Style Sheets.

TOPIC #4 - Practice HTML and CSS Skills
Practice your newly acquired HTML and CSS skills

TOPIC #5 - CSS Layout
Learn the CSS used to properly layout web pages

TOPIC #6 Media Queries
CSS Media queries tailor your content for a specific range of output devices without having to change the content itself.

TOPIC #7 - Finish Up & Showcase Your Skills

What students are saying

"I enjoy watching your videos very much. I find that your voice is easy to listen to and all techniques covered in your Dreamweaver course very useful, even though I had work with Dreamweaver more than a year.

I would like to say "Big Thanks" and keep doing good work!"

Wanida Talyor, computer science student and web developer


What students are saying

"I've been through your video tutorials on Adobe Dreamweaver over and over again, and I really appreciate the way you make learning it as simple and straightforward as it can be. Thanks!"

Dennise Banks, Producer, Accuse La Banks Records, Sofia, Bulgaria

What students are saying

"James, you are an incredible educator. It's a tremendous gift to have that balance where you push my efforts to problem solve, as well as help with the input to bring adjustment, instruction, and clarification.

Thank you."

Jacqueline Beattie, student