Course Outline

LESSON 1 –  Course Overview 1a Joomla Overview
1b What is CMS software and why use Joomla       
1c Overview of Public and Admin parts of Joomla

LESSON 2  –  Installing Joomla
2a Software Install options
2b Bitnami Joomla Server Stacks
2c Install Joomla on Your Computer

LESSON 3  –  Organizing Content
3a How Content is Organized and Presented in Joomla
3b Modify Your Home Page
3c Working with Modules in the Module Manager

LESSON 4  –  Adding Content
4a Create a New Category
4b Create a New Article
4c  Add Images and Image Links to Your Article
4d  Create a new Home Page 4e  Add Links to Articles

LESSON 5  –  Working with Menus
5a Overview of Joomla Menus
5b Link Your First Article to Your Main Menu
5c Replace Your Home page

LESSON 6  –  Working with Modules
6a The Module Manager
6b Joomla Default Modules
6c Add a Module to Your Page

LESSON 7  –  Changing Site Appearance w/ Templates 
7a Default Template
7b Finding the Right Template 
7c Install a template
7d Modifying a template

LESSON 8  –  Extending Joomla Functionality
8a How Extensions Work
8b Finding the right Extensions 
8c Add a Backup Extension & Backup  

LESSON 9  – Backing Up and Restoring Your Site
9a Create a backup file
9b. Create a new Database
9c Restore your Site
9d. Test Your New Site/Troubleshooting  

LESSON 10 – Securing and Maintaining Your Site
10a Site Security
10b Other important security tips
10c Optimize your .htccess file
10d Site Maintenance Tips

Conclusion – Where to learn more


What students are saying

"Jim these are excellent videos on Joomla 3. Thank you."

Jim Lupeti, IT Professional