The era of mass media is giving way to one of personal and participatory media. This survey course will examine these changes and their likely long-term effects on both media companies and on society at large.

Coursework provides an overview of the burgeoning new fields of mobile media, social media, web publishing, blogging, animation, graphics and gaming. Lectures and class discussions cover basic media production, design, development, and marketing and include a survey of all the best web sites and technologies in this field. This course is the logical first step on the path to more study in the  many fields of multimedia.

Course Outline

TOPIC #1 - Introdcution to multimedia

TOPIC #2 - Text Media and BLogs

TOPIC #3 - Security

TOPIC #4 - Search and Copyright

TOPIC #5 - Browsers

TOPIC #6 - Social Media

TOPIC #7 - Digital Audio, Video, & Animation

TOPIC #8 - Mobile Media